Hair Extensions

Applying skin weft hair extensions

Applying skin weft hair extensions


Hair extensions are ways used to increase the normal length of human hair and make it to appear longer than its actual length. These techniques to extend hair are advanced and can make one’s hair appear real but it is just extensions.


Extensions can be classified by the attachment method and the type of hair used to create the extension. Although there are several systems that produce the extensions and each of them claim to make better products than the other,only afew of the sytems produce quality products. The attachment methods include:strand by strand,weft and clip on.


These is where small strands of hair are attached to small section of ones hair by using different methods like clamping, bonding (cold or warm), micro tubes, shrink tubing.
The cold bonding method is where the bond are formed by use of ultrasonic waves to melt the keratin hence form the bonds. The pros of using this method include: its safer and healthier than other extensions, its long lasting,its lighter on ones head than the other method,it is not easily noticeable.
The cons of this method include; it takes time to fix the extensions and it is a costly method.
The warm fusion method is like cold bonding only that the keratin bond is warmed to form small bonding of ones hair. The pros of this method are same as the cold bonding only that a few system can be reused.the cons of this method are same as of cold bonding but this method requires more time.
Microlinks, links, tubes, beads, locks or rings. This is a technique where both ones hair and the extension are put in a small tube.


Wefts are long hair tracks that can be natural or man made. These tracks are attached on the hair on rows and this method consists sewing to ones hair, use of glue or tape and micro rings. These four skin weft hair extensions are basically used to attach extensions onto the hair and form the basis of weft attachment.
It has various advantages but there are also cons related to these method.


These are short term solutions and are used for day to day activities. One can remove them in the evening and use them in the morning.


Basically there exists artificial and natural hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are made from hair taken from people while artificial hair extensions is made from various materials. From these two various companies have manufactured various hair products like the Remy hair considered to be among the best.


The hair extensions type used depend on people’s taste and there head shapes.

The Instant Hair Extension

Instant Hair Extensions

Instant Hair Extensions

The instant hair extension is placed on the partof small section of your hair and hair crisis-crossed above the extension. Your real hair and an instant hair extension are tightly placed or bonded together with a bond solution and then later it is painted. Hair extensions is done by a expert hairdresser . It is not easy and very risky to try and to add an instant hair extensions on your own. The maintenance is very hard when you make it on your own, you may end up with an odd overall length or more ways to damage your natural hair unnecessarily. The properly applied extension will remain well up to 120 days. Later the unique glue bond fixed in your natural hair will start to fall down. More people will keep an instant hair extensions for a small interval of time like special event or functions. The time how much they plan to have extensions depends on every individual likes. Instant Hair extensions are treated every day the same way how you treated your natural hair. Hair extensions washing will be same like normal wash but when your hair grows that time you may lead todamage the extensions. It is better you should high quality hair care solutions to take care of long life hair extension and your existing hair.

Instant Hair extensions should be done and removed only by the expert or can be removed at home by individual on their own risk. It is better to remove hair extensions by holding and turning the tiny clips and slowly snap the seal attached with original hair.

There are many rules and risks in the hair extension if you have the complete knowledge about hair extension . If you get better advice from expert who are trained for hair extensions . Few advantages of hair extensions are listed below:

1. A new face that gives a better glow easy to care instantly after its applied.
2. Instant Hair solutions gives a variety of different hair styles but if u have long hair extension it has a short life cycle.

3. You can have choices and many options to choose colours, straighten or curls hair without any damage to existing hair.

4. You can have good feel for instant hair extension after having a log hair ready to spend more money and energy.

Although if you ready to spend more money and time to have applied to your instant hair extension helps you for the instant gorgeous and better hair.

If you’re looking for more great examples of hair extensions please check out - or see the Facebook and twitter pages for hair extensions clinique, which is a great online site gathering useful information for you.

There are both merits and demerits for hair extensions. You can also get a feedback with your friends, relation, expert hairdresser whoare ready to face risk then instant hair extension will be a new way to grow your hair faster based on your requirement.

4 Top Styling Hints for Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions

Today Human hair extensions have become popular because of one simple reason: they are easily blended to look natural just like normal hair. Also clips in the hair extensions popularly made of human hair are also popular just for the simple fact that they can be colored, shampooed, conditioned, and styled without causing damage. Human hair extensions have been preferred than synthetic hair, which have been found get damaged easily. The following are 4 simple styling hints

It doesn’t matter what style you prefer, you are able to style up your hair extension to serve your purpose and also suit your look. There are varieties of ways you can use to style up your hair extension which include up-style, straight, and curled hairdos. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not, but with some little practice you will be able to have the best hair extension hairdos.

Long, silky and straight hair extensions are the most popular and to be able to create that perfect long locks, you need to first thoroughly clean your hair and ensure that all knots are well combed off. To perfect this, a quality hair straightener does come in handy. Straightening hair pieces should be finished first before clipping them onto your natural hair.

Hair extensions can be curled to achieve that long, curls and glorious look that models wear. If this is what you want, ensure that you are using a curling iron that has no clamps and this will help a lot because your hair won’t be caught or damaged. There are various ways that you can use curl your hair, you can choose large curls or even small ones.

One can also try to wear the hair extension in an up-style just like ponytail. This can be easily done by reversing the method you use to attach the lower clip, so that the top of the hair pieces goes to the bottom when your hair is tied in a ponytail. Both your hair and the clip will blend naturally, giving you that smoother finish. You can also gently tease the natural hair to have a voluminous look that is able to hide all the clips. Tip: don’t back comb the hair extension so not to damage it

Human hair extensions are a must have beauty accessory that any lady can use comfortably. They genuinely add that great look and instantly give you long hair which can be easily styled in different ways

Look Special with Hair Extension Accessories

hair extension accessories

Best accessories for hair extensions

When it comes to looking good women give more attention to every details and hair is one of the most important aspect for them. A good hair style enhances overall appearance of a woman and thanks to hair extension accessories that helps get that stylish and trendy look that you always wanted. There are a plethora of accessories including different types of hair bands, clip on feathers, pony tails, hair buns, long and wavy synthetic clip on hair extensions and more. These accessories not only help you change your look but to a great extent helps you over come problems such as baldness, loss of hair due to various reasons and damaged hairs.
Hair clips are one of the most widely and commonly used hair accessories as they are easy to use and comes in different types of colors, designs, shapes, sizes and materials. There are both cheaper and expensive ones you can buy depending on the occasion. For a special occasion you can wear a stone studded hair clip that is often considered as a jewelry than a accessory. They compliment long hairs the most but suits women with short hairs too.
Feather chains is one of the modern generation hair accessories that is trending in the fashion industry now. They come in different colors and lengths depending on your hairs and looks very stylish on young women. They are more for party goers and college girls who love to flaunt their hair with new styles. Colored hair extensions are very common these days too and they just add a highlight to your style and make your hair look standout int the crowd. Likewise, tape hair extensions look very pretty and you can choose the color to suit your dress to look more fashionable.
There are plenty of other hair extension accessories that you can find in the market today and can be easy bought online too. Natural human hair extensions are available in clip on styles for women with short hair who want to change their look for a while. You can even buy headband wigs with plaited hairs that comes in various colors and sizes. These accessories play a vital role in creating new looks in women and helps you easy change your appearance as and when you want. There are many hair extension kits that are available in the market you can get to change your looks frequently too. And you do not necessarily need a professional hair stylist to do the job. Instead, you can do it yourself at home with easy to use hair accessory kits.